There are few things capable of sending one flying off the badassery scale, but setting land speed records on a motorcycle is certainly one of those things.

When he broke not one but 76 land speed records on a motorcycle between 1929 and 1937, Ernst Henne effectively earned himself enough badassery to last into the afterlife – thanks to the talented designers and fabricators at Austin, Texas-based Revival Cycles.

Recently, the handbuilt motorcycle shop – whose philosophy towards building is rooted in “the seamless blend of visual design with technical excellence” – unveiled their latest handmade masterpiece that is heavily influenced by Henne’s own motorcycles that were responsible for tearing up the record books: the Henne/Revival BMW.

To build the motorcycle, the team spent a month hammering out the aluminum body and fairing with styling cues taken from Hanne’s own BMW record setters. To top it all off, the team custom machined all the hardware and valve covers:

For good measure, here’s some rarely seen footage of BMW’s 1930’s motorcycle racing program, with commentary by noneother than Ernst Henne himself:













Find out more over at Revival Cycles.


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