Homemade weapons have come a long way since the traditional slingshot. Since nearly everyone, their dog, and old aunt Emma now has access to a 3D printer and the internet, more designs for must-have office battle weaponry are poppin’ up like inflamed nostrils. Case in point: this devilishly deceptive mini-crossbow.

Created by Etsy user Edwards for his RinkyDink3D crossbow store, the little survival tool shoots matchsticks, Q-tips, and quite possibly toothpicks as well, turning normal household items into ammunition that will have your mom or HR sweating foam bullets. While Edwards says you shouldn’t aim it at people or animals (suuuuure, we won’t do that)… yeah, we all know that isn’t going to happen.

3d printed matchstick crossbow

Each mini-crossbow is made by Edwards and comes with 16 wooden bolts and a target dummy for you to practice on instead of your neighbor’s mangy cat. Matchstick bolts can be fired up to a maximum of 50 feet, though Edwards recommends using a specific brand (Diamond Brand Large Kitchen matches) to get the furthest range possible. He doesn’t give a specific brand of Q-tips though, so feel free to fire your used ones at the target dummy –they can reach a maximum distance of 30 feet depending on what you used to clean them for.

You, and you alone, can save the country by completing these high risk covert missions. With one hand tied behind your back, you can knock out that house of cards, shoot down enemy drones, or show the Lego commander who rules the land.

This Bow will effectively shoot wooden match sticks or Q-Tips.

1. Straight wood match range over 50 feet
2. Q tip range 30 feet
3. Easy thumb press trigger
4. Locks matches when loaded
5. Holds 10 matches (or Q-tips) for extra rounds.

3d printed matchstick crossbow

The crossbow is ready to fire once you’ve loaded a single matchstick into the drawstring mechanism (those extra bolts at the bottom are in the holster), a trigger fires the stick into whatever poor living or nonliving thing you aimed it at.

3d printed matchstick crossbow

Seeing a weapon so small marrying product design and 3D printing kind of makes you want to make one yourself, doesn’t it? If this weapon isn’t big enough for your liking however, there are a number of regular-sized 3D printed crossbows which you can take inspiration from, build and, perhaps, challenge your co-workers with during a lunch battle royale.

Edwards has other mini-crossbow designs on his Etsy page, though they mostly do the same thing. Head on over there to see all of his self-made weaponry!


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