While nothing short of a nuclear threat would get most claustrophobics into an underground enclosure, they might think twice when they see this particular slate quarry.

Bounce Below, one of adrenaline park Zip World’s many attractions across England, brings out a fear of heights and enclosed spaces at the same time. What was once an old slate mine located in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales has been repurposed into a multi-layered trampoline park.

Visitors enter the park the same way pioneers did – through a shaft which looks on the verge of collapsing. Once the initial fear of merely entering the mine is gone, visitors then go down a network of underground tunnels which lead to a cave.

Six levels make up the entire bouncing arena, with four industrial slides providing access to each area. The bouncing space is said to cover around five football pitches, each with a length measuring between 90-120m and a width between 45-90m.

The site managers are quite particular about closing the ride open during bad weather, as soil erosion could lead to a potential cave-in. So if falling to your doom wasn’t a bad enough prospect, you also have to get over the fear of being buried under mountains of soil.

Nevertheless, going on a nice summer day to play in an underground trampoline park seems like an awesome way to admire the insides of planet Earth. Bounce on over to Zip World’s webpage to learn more about it!


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