While most of us grew up with LEGO bricks, none of them compare to the LEGO construction kits that exist today; miniaturized infrastructures with thousands of pieces.

From the 2,704—piece LEGO Porsche 911 model with build instructions based off of the true-to-life assembly process to the freakin’ 2989—piece LEGO Sydney Opera House, it’s almost as if today’s LEGO designers are constantly trying to one-up each other with ever more complex builds (much to the delight of diehard fans).

With over 4,000 pieces (4,016 to be exact), however, the LEGO Star Wars Death Star construction kit certainly takes the cake as one of the most massive LEGO kits ever created—not to mention one of the most highly requested, too.

Of course, few of us have the precious time to sit down and assemble a 4,016—piece LEGO model, so the next best thing is to watch somebody else do it. Thankfully, YouTube user Bart Van Dijkwent kicked it up a few notches and put together what is certainly one of the most satisfying (and smoothest) LEGO stop-motion videos ever created:

For those looking for more smooth stop-motion LEGO building goodness, Bart’s entire YouTube channel is loaded with the goods.


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