It’s always fun to see how products are made, but sometimes you need a dose of some good old-fashioned product destruction for stress relief, too.

Ever since 1975, Utah-based blender company Blendtec has been making blenders that shred, maim, and well… blend ingredients into an easily digestible mush. Fast forward to 2006 and the rise of the internet, the company found that the best way to showcase just how solid their blenders are is through a series of YouTube videos. Enter Will It Blend?, Blendtec’s own viral marketing YouTube channel that sees founder Tom Dickson talk about the latest smartphone or other gadget technology before dumping it into one of his blenders and seeing the resulting carnage.

While there are video libraries dedicated to traditional blender recipes involving traditional food, it’s the wanton destruction caused by throwing an Amazon Echo into a Blendtec blender which really gives the channel its bold edge and, well, views.

Starting with a video featuring a blended box of matches, Will it Blend? has been up and running for a solid 12 years now (which, by internet standards, makes it practically ancient and timeless).

Tom has blended every iPhone ever released, markers, a pool cue, and has even given viewers a first-hand look inside a working blender by tossing in a video camera. The blenders themselves are the stars of the show. Instead of cutting its contents with sharp blades, Blendtec blenders feature blunt blades which pulverize anything it comes into contact with. Combined with a high-speed motor, and it’s pretty clear how the blenders can disintegrate everything thrown at them.

Head over to Will It Blend? to view the full video library and experience an afternoon of well-curated stress-reducing videos.


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