Those who have watched their fair share of cartoons may have seen one or two scenarios where characters accidentally fall into an automated car wash. After going through the water jets, scrub rolls, and automated detergent dispensers, these unfortunate souls find themselves on the other side all dazed and confused—but squeaky clean nonetheless.

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Humanwash by Finnish company Sakoni Oy is what happens when someone takes this cartoon gag and brings it into the real world for a more practical use. By installing a mechanical roller near a working shower, dirty folks can give themselves an automated scrub at different heights.

The Humanwash comes with a couple of easy to understand buttons. To get the roller moving, a rotate button can be found second from the bottom which activates the Humanwash’s 24V motors. The standard up and down buttons adjust the roller’s height. Using the STOP button in between the two directional buttons can be used to keep the roller in place while you scrub yourself. Once you’re rid of filth, you can either press the bottommost STOP button with your hand or the stop plate which can be pushed by your foot to turn off the machine.


Though most humans with their motor functions still intact wouldn’t find much use for this machine, the Humanwash was explicitly made for the elderly and those who have trouble cleaning themselves (i.e., amputees, people with special illnesses, or those with injuries). It allows them to clean themselves without the aid of a caregiver, plus it lets them experience what it’s like to be inside a miniature car wash. As an added safety feature, a timer installed in the control box turns off the machine once 10 minutes have expired.

This article may contain one too many pictures of a naked man washing himself, but look at how clean he is! You can find more about Humanwash on its official webpage.


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