While Gallagher might have pioneered the act of destroying things for the amusement of a late night TV audience, YouTube has certainly helped reinvent it.

From compressing random objects with a hydraulic press to cutting them in half with a waterjet cutter, the internet has been strangely fascinated with using industrial equipment to destroy things as of late. But why not? Isn’t it fascinating –– even therapeutic –– to see Gorilla Glass on an iPhone 7 buckle under the pressure of a hydraulic press treatment?

One of the latest creators to hit the destruction scene on YouTube is Macro Room. As you might have guessed, these guys have a knack for stunning macro videography worth going full-screen for –– ranging from melting ice cream to burning kindling in all of its close-up glory.

For their latest, the creators put flame to plastic to give us an unusual –– and what they claim as “satisfying” –– way of viewing the manufactured world around us:

Check out the rest of the up-close shenanigans over at the Macro Room.


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