Though LEGOs have been used to create lots of things such as robots and life-size vehicle models, they never really move as smoothly as you would want them too. It might be due to their blocky nature, but without the aid of outside parts from different manufacturers, LEGOs move in a clicky, clacky manner unique to themselves.

So how do you make LEGOs move more smoothly while retaining their uniqueness? Stop motion animation, of course!

Using a heap of LEGOs, a camera, and an endless supply of patience, YouTube creator Bebop has created a short stop motion video of the cooking of a LEGO pizza:

YouTube video

The video required a mind-boggling 3,300 photos—but the payoff is definitely worth it. Be it the pouring of the LEGO water, the smearing of the pizza sauce, or even the tossing of the dough, he manages to make the blocks’ movements look fluid and seamless with each frame.

Bebop LEGO stop motion pizza
Bebop LEGO stop motion pizza
Bebop LEGO stop motion pizza

Another cool touch is how he integrates real ingredients into the video. As he “cuts” the real-life sausage and assorted veggies, they transform into their LEGO counterparts and fall realistically onto the chopping board.

Once all the ingredients are chopped, he places them onto the LEGO pizza and puts it in a fictional oven where they melt and bubble into the finished product.

Bebop LEGO stop motion pizza

Now all that’s left to do is carve up a slice to eat! As with the rest of the video, Bebop adds details such as falling pizza toppings and the folding of the slice which make the LEGO pizza seem all the more like the real deal.

All throughout the video, Bebop mixes the sounds you would expect from pizza ingredients being cooked AND the distinct LEGO clacks to make the cooking process all the more believable.

Bebop’s YouTube channel is dedicated to making stop motion videos, some of which use materials that aren’t LEGO.


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