Used widely during World War II, the legendary Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress was a four-engine heavy bomber used for strategic bombing and was beloved for its ability to sustain devastating battle damage and bringing crews back safely.

Today, for $9,500, airplane fanatics can own one of three original unused propeller blades from the B-17 that was manufactured in 1945. According to the company, the story behind the artifact is just as stunning as the object itself.

From Boeing Store Custom Hangar Product Developer and Buyer Geraro Mores:

“The crate was nailed shut and had never been opened before,” he says. “The original shipping documents were on the outside of the crate, protected by a leather pouch that was stapled closed. When we opened the pouch, we found a typewritten listing of the crate’s contents, dated 1945. Inside the crate were three brand-new spare propeller blades for the B-17 Flying Fortress. We felt like we’d been dropped into a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark!”


The finished (assembled) piece measures in at 83 inches high with a 21-inch machined steel base finished with a translucent smoke-colored powder coating. The blade also rotates on a bearing at the top of the base, and the serial number and label from the manufacturer, Hamilton Standard, are clearly visible. Finally, an actual B-17 yoke button in the base adds a custom touch

Find out more over at the Boeing Store.


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