When it comes to solid and original comedy material, public access television show parodies have consistently delivered. Among others, Wayne’s World comes to mind, along with Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.

But as computers and technology continue to drive humans into ‘the future’, it would only make sense that the current state of computers and technology undergo the same comedic treatment. Thankfully, in the new “Computer Show” YouTube series, they do.

Considered by many to be an unofficial spoof of PBS’s “Computer Chronicles” TV show from the 1980s, “Computer Show” is set in 1983 – yet the interviews feature those who are leading present-day technologies and brands. Ultimately, the combination of old-school video production and guests talking about modern technology is hilarious – and rightfully so.

Episode 01: “Communities”

Gary Fabert and co-host Angela Dancy welcome Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian and fail to grasp the basic concept of Internet communities.

Similar to how Wayne’s World and Between Two Ferns managed to capture elements of Public Access video production quality and put their own spin on it, this unique skill alone just might be the greatest asset that the “Computer Show” production team has in their arsenal. If the series truly takes off to Between Two Ferns status (Barack Obama and Brad Pitt were guests), one can only imagine how entertaining it would be to see design and technology leaders including Elon Musk or Jony Ive sitting in the 1980s set talking about technology with a difference of nearly four decades.

Episode 02: “Arts”

Gary Fabert and co-host Sherri Longhorne welcome Lumi cofounders Jesse Genet and Stephan Ango and have a hard time understanding the very basics of modern digital design tools. Lumi can be found at http://lumi.com, which is a “web-site”

Stay updated on future episode releases by heading over to the “Computer Show” YouTube channel.


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