I admit, I use a planner. There’s simply too much happening during the day, plus I have issues remembering what I need to do and which day is which. Ok, not only do I use a planner, but also a healthy dose of Post-It notes. They’re everywhere, a hodgepodge of mixed notes that make no sense the following day–bread, milk, cereal, check on baby, edit CES article. Hopeless. Clearly, I need a better system to keep tabs on groceries, babies and deadlines. Enter Evopaper’s Slice Planner–paper for those who like analog, and an supplemental app for the digital organizer.

According to the Indigogo campaign, the Slice Planner is designed around their core-concept of easy synchronization between paper notebooks and digital calendars, no matter if you use Google, Outlook or Apple. Along with this, it aimed at adding more flexibility to daily routines by utilizing the Planner’s augmented reality-based application. Have a look:

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One of the main concepts of the Slice Planner is utilizing a clock-face diagram, which Evopaper says “helps visual thinkers (65% of the population) master their time and plan their activities in more intuitive and convenient ways.” The circlular pie-like diagram visually slices the day into segments to help you manage you time and focus on the task for that particular part of the day. Or in my case, the amount of time I’ve wasted doing other things besides the assigned task at any given interval.

The Slice Planner app features several handy tools to add, augment and share note data in a digital format with a clock-based calendar reference.
The Slice Planner app features several handy tools to add, augment and share note data in a digital format with a clock-based calendar reference.

The Slice Planner app makes use of your smartphone’s camera along with Google Vision’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to take data from your paper-based clock-face diagram and transfers them over to your digital calendar. Notes, timeframes, anything written on that clock-frame reference is digitized and sent to their respective time slots on your preferred calendar. That’s the augmented reality side of the app, which also alerts you with red text if there is something else scheduled for that particular time slot.

YouTube video

Other features include a smart-crop tool that allows you to draw a circle around any given piece of information (notes, figures, grocery lists, etc.) and transfer them over to a highlighted time segment. A handy tool for when you only need a piece of information from a full page. What’s more, it can take that information from almost any surface.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who found the Slice Planner to be a good idea, as Evopaper successfully crowd-funded their intuitive planner on Kickstarter, raising over $117,000 to bring it to reality.

Interestingly enough, the Slice Planner app is free as Evopaper’s campaign focused more on their luxurious leather-covered premium paper notebooks that were designed to complement the app even though almost any parchment will do. Still, they’re beautiful notebooks and come in both hard and soft covers. Those interested in getting one of their own (starting at $29 and up) or want more information on the Slice Planner app should keep an eye on their website, Twitter profile or Instagram account.






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