Apple’s Jonathan Ive has a lot of notable achievements under his belt, but suffering through the Sacha Baron Cohen treatment has never been one of them – until now.

Baron Cohen – who you may know as the mastermind behind such characters as Ali G, Borat and Bruno – is currently promoting his latest film, The Brothers Grimsby (and new character Nobby) and recently decided to do so in the style of an Apple keynote – all the way down to the blue V-neck t-shirt, slide designs and even mocking Sir Jony’s unmistakeable design marketing-speak.

Among other notable “features” of the new Nobby include “12 percent more likeability than even the Borat and (he is) 15 percent more idiotic than the Ali G,” as well as a “shaved chin that free(s) up his mouth to allow him to deliver 24 percent more expletives.”

Unlike an Apple product, however, Nobby might not come with a money-back guarantee within 14 days.


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