If you’ve been paying attention to the Apple rumor mill as of late, you’ve likely heard that Apple is (supposedly) working on incorporating an OLED touchscreen trackpad to replace the function row of keys at the top of the new MacBook keyboard with a monster trackpad below – expected to be released later this year. The rumors stem from a KGI analyst report last month and a “leaked” photo of a new MacBook casing that at least confirmed a significantly larger trackpad and space for something above the keyboard.

While a customizable OLED touchscreen trackpad could take over status bar duties and possibly even be used to create custom application-specific hotkeys, the significantly larger trackpad makes you wonder if the company has plans for a Wacom-like trackpad directly on the device that supports the Apple Pencil.

Martin Hajek, a concept designer who “visualizes the future in 3D one rendering at a time” and is brilliant at self-promotion, recently took it upon himself to create a mockup of exactly what this design overhaul would look like. While none of the details in his designs are yet confirmed or real, Hajek makes it clear that a customizable OLED touchscreen with Spotify controls and a monster Apple Pencil-friendly trackpad would be a wet dream for designers:










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