When we were kids, go-carts ranked right up there with game consoles and pizza as popular things we wanted to get our hands on.

As adults, we like to think we’ve outgrown those childish things, however deep down we really secretly haven’t and Razor is capitalizing on our inner-child with the recent release of their Crazy Cart XL. The XL is actually an updated version of the kid-sized original but make no mistake, the XL isn’t a toy but rather a serious ‘drifting’ vehicle with an insane turn radius.

The 44-inch long and just under 30-inch wide cart is capable of carrying a 6-foot 3-inch tall 250Lb person without slowing down. To provide the optimal traction, Razor positioned the seat closer to the steering wheel and the front casters, while still leaving room for long legs. Driving the XL is a 500-watt motor that features rare-earth magnets powered by a 36-volt quick-change battery array, which is easy to swap out when the need arises.


As for making the cart more ‘adult-friendly’, Razor redesigned the ‘drift’ bar to accommodate larger drivers, which dampens the rear 15-mm wide wheels with aluminum casters.

YouTube video

Razor states that if you want to lengthen the lifespan of those wheels, you can use the drift bar when cornering, otherwise you will scrub the wheels and wear them down completely.


Suffice it to say, the Crazy Cart XL will be available in December with a limited amount being produced for $799 a pop.

Get yours over at Razor.com or ToysRus.com respectively.


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