From building an insane Rube Goldberg Machine to manipulating time with slow motion and tons of salt, Ok Go has made a subtle art of creating jaw-droppingly awesome music videos. It’s no surprise that each has garnered the indie rock outfit tens of millions of views on YouTube.

For their latest stunt, the rockers brought their Grammy-award winning choreography game to 567 printers and a heck-of-a-lot of paper:

YouTube video

Created for their single “Obsession”, the visuals took two years to complete in collaboration with global paper brand Double A.

“For the video, we wanted to take the simplest thing and just revel in how powerful and not-simple it really is,” explains Ok Go frontman Damian Kulash. “And animation is that – it’s just one picture on one piece of paper, then another, and then another, and somehow that progression turns into a whole universe. So we tried to create the physical version of that universe, a room where the walls can change into anything you imagine, but everything is made of just one piece of paper following the last.”

In any case, the video certainly brings back memories from the days of paper jams and ink smears. You can check out all of Ok Go’s insane videos over on their YouTube channel.


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