Looks like GoldieBlox is diversifying a bit, going from the girl-focused, engineer-based board games to girl-focused, engineer-based action figures. Pretty savvy move on their part, and they’ve got a pretty interesting approach to how their presenting them.

In a new video, they present the two new figures–Ruby Rails Skydive Action Hero and GoldieBlox Zipline Action Figure—with a movie star focus, then bring it back around to techy, geeky proficiencies of the two new action figures.

The 5.5″ figures are available on their store for $24.99 each with construction pieces that are compatible with their other toys. There’s no storybook with these GoldieBlox products, but they do come with an instruction booklet for constructing Ruby’s parachute and coding bag, and Goldie’s 13′ zipline.


I just can’t believe they left out A-Team or MacGyver as girls in the video though. Actually, not convinced a lady A-team or lady MacGyver show would work. My first thought is Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote–and all those chics were badasses in their own right.




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