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Back in May of this year, the MoMA Design Store in New York City announced that they would be selling a curated collection of successfully-funded Kickstarter projects as a part of the NYCxDesign festivities that occurred over the month.

Needless to say, the experiment was a success and proved to be a fine example of what a brick and mortar retail store would look like if Kickstarter were to open one. Emmanuel Platt, MoMA’s Director of Merchandising called some of the projects coming out of the crowdfunding platform as some of the “most impressive, new and innovative we have been finding lately.”

This week, MoMA and Kickstarter announced that the MoMA Design Store is increasing their stock of Kickstarter-funded projects into an expanded collection that will reside within their stores both physical and online.


The nine new products will join other successfully-backed projects including Candylab Toys’ Mo-To wooden cars and the 3Doodler, among others. The new products include the Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone, the Blaze Bike Light and the Porthole Infusion Vessel.


“MoMA Design Store is proud to honor more individuals and their designs as examples of how everyone is capable of making incredible things. We hope these selections enable you to share creativity with everyone on your holiday gift list.”

The collaboration comes soon after it was announced that MoMA is acquiring two Kickstarter-funded projects as a part of their permanent collection…which is kind of a big deal. These include the MaKey MaKey and the Ototo. According to Senior Curator Paola Antonelli, while these new products “might be small in scale, their significance for contemporary design — and the world at large — knows little bounds.”



Suffice to say, starting with a concept sketch, getting crowdfunded and ultimately ending up in MoMA’s Permanent Collection is now a reality for aspiring designers.

You can check out the store–and get inspired by well-executed crowdfunding campaigns–over at MoMA’s Design Store.


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