Today, Microsoft announce the announcement for the future announcement and release of Office 2010. Which in our wonderful world of future-tech anticipation means pre-beta Technical Preview. Get excited. It’s so Microsoft. It’s so Office. It’s so you.

You may have seen the riveting adventure that is the Office 2010 mini movie or the slew of news taking over the web today. But what’s super cool about Microsoft’s next Office version is not standardizing the ribbon bar, but what’s going to happen with everyone currently using Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint on their desktop. Let’s talk.

The expectation are about to change

Imagine, working forever (which we have) in applications that only reside on the lonely little desktop, in our lonely cubicles. We share Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and Powerpoint presentations via Outlook email. Actually, not to hard to imagine is it? We do it all day. With Office 2010, that changes. The files piling into our inbox will be shared, not via email, but over the web.

This changes things, particularly how people unfamiliar with web-based doc systems, like Google docs, Zoho or iWork, are used. These people are us, the majority, the corporate employees locked to the current version of Office. Our workflow will (perhaps gradually) shift as the new features of Office 2010 connect us with people over the web, instead of the conversation management via Outlook.

So, is this something that will shake up your workflow a bit? Discuss below.

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