For our readers who might have little ones running around playing engineer or designer, we noticed something on that quite frankly…we couldn’t help but share.

Departing from the standard fare of coloring books, which usually includes ‘Dinosaurs’, ‘Dora the Explorer’ and ‘Farm Animals’, R is for Robot invites children to color-in illustrations of Jacquard Looms, Issac Asimov and 3D Printers, amongst other robots. Although the book is for kids, this doesn’t mean that the adults can’t join in, too.

Described by Adafruit as “a coloring book adventure with robots, their inventors and more,”the book was made so that “Makers of all ages can learn, color and share their favorite robots and roboticists.”

YouTube video

Produced by Ladyada, the same people who brought you ‘E is for Electronics‘, the aim is to get kids into science and tech from the earliest age, especially younger girls. Adafruit even included co-founder of iRobot (of Roomba fame) as ‘I is for iRobot’. Awesomesauce. The best part? The book is licensed under¬†Creative Commons and is available for download and printing here. For those who prefer to purchase the book already printed and bound, it is for sale on Adafruit for $9.95 here.




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