From cottages in the middle of the forest to hyper-organized New York City studios, no two workshops are alike. But few—if any workshops—are as gonzo as this setup from Spanish furniture designer Fernando Abellanas.

The core of the workspace has all of the common knick-knacks— the chair, the desk, the computer, the potted plants. But what separates Fernando’s workspace from just about every other person on earth is that it’s located underneath the steady hum of a major highway overpass.

In a recent interview with le cool Valencia, the designer explained that he’s had a lifelong fascination in finding refuge in unexpected places—from under the dinner table as a child, to now under a highway overpass as a working professional. But it’s not like he’s just hanging out there dwindling his thumbs—the designer has a diverse and impressive variety of finished projects on his Instagram.

As for how he actually gets himself up there, well:

We’re pretty sure he won’t be bothered there.

What’s the wackiest workshop setup you’ve seen?


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