As the remote and always-mobile worker becomes more commonplace, it can be easy to forget just how many tools we are actually carrying around in our backpacks or pockets…be it in widget, browser, or application form. But just how much have we been able to squeeze into our little machines? How have we evolved into being capable of working anywhere?

Aiming to explore just how much our workspaces have evolved, the Harvard Innovation Lab released a short film this morning that illustrates the impact that technology has had on our lives over the past 35 years.

The film also serves as a sort of interesting time-capsule for those who may remember having to use such things as a corded phone and a globe:

“All of the vintage items featured in this video are authentic. The Macintosh Classic, corded phone, fax machine, globe, corkboard, Polaroid camera, and rolodex were all purchased through individual sellers on Ebay. The radio was acquired from Goodwill, and the picture frame came from The rest of the items were found lying around in basements, storage units, and garage sales. And the sunglasses? Those were easy since we actually still own a pair.”

How has your workspace changed over just the past ten years? Do you still find it helpful to have some ‘analog’ tools nearby to keep you grounded?


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