For decades, DIY and skate culture have gone hand-in-hand across countless mediums. Whether it’s creating a custom skate deck design, a layout for a backyard skate ramp, a skate video, or even a t-shirt brand, the skateboard community has always kept their creative energy sharpened to a T.

Aiming to keep this energy alive and guide a new generation of skaters into the heart of DIY, the Converse CONS Project – hosted by footwear brand Converse – features a series of DIY workshops curated and built by experts in the worlds of skate, art, and music. Running through May of 2016, the live workshops will be held in Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Toronto.

The free workshops, which are aimed at local youth ages 13 and up, range from “Create a Skate Deck” (which goes so far as designing both the size and shape as well as the graphic) with accomplished skateboard manufacturer Paul Schmitt of CreateASkate to an upcycling-focused “Creative Recycling” workshop featuring renowned skateboarder and furniture designer Andy Vasquez:

YouTube video

“We’re excited to bring Cons Project back to the growing skate, art and music communities through the expansion of this program,” said Kristin Cusic, Director Brand Communications North America “Featuring a multi-faceted platform of six live workshops and an interactive digital community, this year’s Cons Project provides the next generation of skaters, designers, builders, photographers and more an environment that fosters self-expression, paired with opportunities to unleash their creative spirits.”


“Create a Skate Deck” – Learn how to size, shape, and design skate decks from accomplished skateboard manufacturer Paul Schmitt of CreateASkate, designer Josh Row and Cons Skate Ambassador Don “Nuge” Nguyen (Austin – December 12, 2015)

“DIY Skate Spot” – Learn how to build skate structures with concrete at a DIY skate spot with accomplished builders Tom Dupere and Noah Powell, and Cons Skate Ambassador Tom Remillard (February 6, 2016)

“Creative Recycling” – Learn how to repurpose used skate decks and build your own furniture with designer Andy Vasquez and Cons Skate Ambassador Mike Anderson (March 5, 2016)

“Building Skate Structures” – Learn how to build a skate structure with accomplished builder and designer Dan Bergeron, and Cons Skate Ambassador Kenny Anderson (Toronto – March 19, 2016)

“Skate Photography & Zine Making” – Learn how to shoot rad skate photos and make your own zine from professional skate photographer Joe Brooks, zine expert Jai Tanju and Cons Skate Ambassadors Kenny Anderson and Aaron Herrington (Los Angeles – April 2, 2016)

“TBA”(New York – May 7, 2016)



Find out more over at CONS Project.


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