Although the upcoming Apple Watch will certainly have a few bells and whistles that will turn legions of fanboys into an army of Dick Tracys, it is not the first watch that Apple has ever made…and we’re not counting your iPhone, either.

Released in 1995, the first Apple Watch was actually produced as a promotional item for users looking to upgrade to the Macintosh OS 7.5. Unsurprisingly, the watch features design details that can be seen in today’s Apple products including anodized aluminum, scratch-resistant glass and the prominent apple logo…albeit the rainbow version.

The Mac OS-embossed band certainly gives away the fact that it is a promotional product…however, what would have happened if this truly was the start of Apple’s entrance into creating watches?

Aside from the swirly 90s-style hands and colors, the construction quality isn’t too bad…and there’s a good chance that Jony Ive had some sort of influence on the design, too. While Ive became Senior Vice President of Industrial Design in 1997, he had been consulting with Apple (with UK-based Tangerine) before becoming an official employee under the then-Chief of Industrial Design Robert Brunner in 1992…which means he was designing with the company for three years before the watch was released.

Either way, enjoy the general public’s reaction to ‘The Original Apple Watch’:

There is an ongoing auction for what appears to be a ton of these Apple Watches for anybody interested, starting at $310.


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