Unless you sketch every day or have a brilliant sense of hand–eye coordination, chances are that sketching in proper perspective doesn’t necessarily come naturally. That’s okay. Join the club.

For the rest of us, using methods such as Scott Robinson‘s “Draw Through” help keep things looking the way they should, be it a sketch of a simple primitive object or a more complex organic form. But what if you find yourself on a deadline and don’t have the time or patience to make everything just right?

This simple 3–point line trick with a paper clip and a rubber band just might be the solution.

As simple as the trick is, it’s surprising that nobody has attempted to capitalize on it with a more considered system (i.e. non–destructive) with clamps or similar. Anybody up for a Kickstarter?

YouTube video

While digital tools have better built-in guide systems, this clever Photoshop user recreated the rubber band trick for a similar hassle-free drawing guide:

YouTube video

Feature image via Reid Schlegel


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