While saw blades come in a multitude of sizes and colors with a range of different kinds of teeth, you surely haven’t seen a saw blade like this for sale at your local hardware store before.

Canada-based woodworker John Heisz recently cut a circular disc/blade from regular ‘ol printer paper (no teeth) and installed it in his table saw for no other reason than to “see what would happen” if he attempted to cut wood with it.

While it’s surely not the most effective way to make a cut, the resulting cuts are remarkably clean for what is essentially the worst paper cut of all time.

“This redefines ‘paper cut’, I guess.”

    paper-cuts-wood (2)

    paper-cuts-wood (1)

    With traditional metal saw blades, the number of teeth on a blade determine how fine of a cut to expect. Meaning, a toothless blade/disc will create (by theory) the finest possible cut. That said, it’s certainly not a fast cut. According to Heisz, sections of his demonstration video were sped up as much as 16 times:

    Could testing unconventional materials as saw blades be the next Hydraulic Press Channel? Possibly. Just remember to keep your fingers out of the way and stay safe out there, John.


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