Since its launch in 2006 in San Mateo, California, the Bay Area Maker Faire has been the premiere event for makers, DIYers, hackers, and anybody with an interest in making things real. With everything from soldering clinics to a 3D printing village, it’s hard to leave the event feeling uninspired to get that wacky side project done (like the PancakeBot for example).

The 2014 Bay Area Maker Faire was held this past weekend and is so far the biggest event of its kind yet. Here’s some photos from the scene in the case that you might be able to make it out to the upcoming World Maker Faire in New York this September 20th and 21st for another round of DIY awesomeness.

makerfaire_braverman-1h2a4816Makers showing off their creation

makerfaire_braverman-1h2a4602The Riveropolis: A place for kids to build and test their boat designs

makerfaire_braverman-1h2a4688Tintype Photography with Bruce Morton

makerfaire_braverman-1h2a4574A young maker investigates a Poseables life-size mannequin

makerfaire_braverman-1h2a4549One of the many creature designs roaming the faire

makerfaire_braverman-1h2a4546The Unnecessarily High Five interactive art piece

saturday-7Mission Delirium performs with their 25-foot fire-spewing mechanical octopus

saturday-8 Gary Lavarack’s street-legal Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV)

saturday-9 The Dark Room featured LED art, Tesla coils, and other light design projects

makerfaire_braverman-1h2a4776One of the many 3D Printing booths

makerfaire_braverman-1h2a4588Using pedal power to generate electricity for one of the music stages

saturday-12A kid-made hovercraft design

saturday-6A presentation from Chris Anderson (formerly of Wired Magazine and current CEO of 3D Robotics) compares the maker generation to punk rock

img_2078Edible creations from the PancakeBot

Still yet to make it to a Maker Faire? For a full list of all world-wide Maker Faire events, head over to Maker Faire’s ‘Find a Faire‘ page to find one near you.


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