If you’re anything like me you have a blast furnace on standby, ready to toss a shoddy product design into the very instant it frustrates you.

Fortunately, you have great skills… great Kung-fu CAD skills that, harnessed under the proper kind of energy-efficient lighting with sufficient doses of caffeine, would rival the power of a million suns… or a design intern with bad head cold. There are a LOT of things that could use a good redesign, but what would you choose out of this list? or… What would you add?

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Really, I wish I could have a hand in all of those things as I constantly get ideas from the discomfort/annoyances they cause. Some are actually well designed. They’re just not designed for my lopsided body or for other people that don’t fit the majority of users. Makes me think about the types of products that could be redesigned in a way that their use changes how the majority uses a product. I can’t think of any examples at the moment of this ever happening, although, I’m sure to some extent it has. What are your thoughts?


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