This week, a deep, thought-provoking poll that really matters. One that paws like a toothless rat against the marshmallowy film of time. Everybody knows drawing revisions are better represented as… what? Letters or numbers? How about letters and numbers? Should we even have a choice? Should 14 year old standards been thrown out with the filing cabinets? This is where it finally gets decided…

It all started with a tweet from SolidWorks VAR AE, Jeff Sweeney…

Jeff SweeneyFrom now on everyone will use letters for their revisions, no more numbers. We need standards, and I am making them.

    An onslaught of outrage, agreement and opinion ensued. What’s your opinion? Let us know in the comments and win the joy of feeling like you just told everyone else WHAT’S UP!

    [poll id=”26″]

    Image: Felt letters – Blick


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