These days, Apple can do just about anything with any of their iPhone cameras and turn it into in ad—be it amateur photographs on a billboard or entire video ad campaigns created under the direction of celebrity photographers. But their latest might be their most fascinating iPhone ad campaign to date.

Tapping into the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) phenomenon, which is commonly described as a low-grade euphoria triggered by soothing sounds and visual stimuli, the Cupertino company produced four different ads that each carry their own ASMR audiovisual experiences—all shot on iPhones (XS and XS Max), of course.

While our favorite is the woodshop sounds (naturally), we recommend checking each one out with headphones. Just don’t fall asleep at work:

Satisfying Woodshop Sounds

Crunching Sounds on the Trail

A Calm Rain at Camp

Whispers from Ghost Forest


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