boost your productivityThere’s nothing more annoying than some one who is over-productive, smirking at you with his dry, beady eyes, taunting you with his attendance trophies, doing little victory dance’s in your cubicle… Prepare to dance.

Steve Pavlina has come up with 33 way to boost your productivity, then 33 more, and then another 33. I’d say Steve is pretty productive at writing about being productive.

My favorites out of all of them are Continuum (#24 on the first set) and Mini-milestones (# 6 on the first set.) Those two things alone help me get started and keep me going…and then back into procrastinating… and then trying again.

The only thing I would add to it is maybe somthing like Actify or Actionize or some silly word that means organizing and clarifying your actions in order to get to the next step instead of struggling to organize your time, information or priorities. Something pretty cool I read in David Allen’s book Getting Things Done(aff)

Some of Steve’s terms kind of allude to actions. Bottom line though, taking the next action gets things done.

What do you do to stay productive?


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