When it comes to functional workspaces, proper tool organization cannot be stressed enough. After all, does anybody enjoy having to bounce from drawer to drawer looking for that one special screwdriver?

We didn’t think so.

While it may not organize every took in your shop, the handmade Waterproof Waxed Canvas Tool Rool from Hide & Drink is still one of our favorites. In fact, we like that we can bundle specific tools for specific tasks in different rolls—making it easy to grab and go when the time comes. In total, each roll includes slots for six different tools (or a variety of small tools). Not to mention, the waxed canvas and hand-hammered metal rivets are a nice touch.

The Hide & Drink Waterproof Waxed Canvas Tool Roll — $22.99


  • Hand-cut and sewn from waxed canvas
  • Hand-hammered metal rivets and hand-cut belt for easy open and close
  • 6 tool slots
  • Simple and functional design
  • Designed to be handed down over generations


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