With so many cool things coming out each week, it can be hard to wade through all the rock-awesomeness. With ‘Cool Tools’, we’ve done the hard work for you.

This week we saw everything from one of the best pencil eraser designs ever conceived, a radar-integrated weather app that’s sure to keep you dry as the Fall weather starts blowing towards us, instructions on how to build your own hanging bike rack, how to cast with soft materials and more…

Ready? Let’s go!

This week we look at:




“Make no mistake – this sword eraser will fiercely fight any scribble and beat down every typo. It’ll be swift, efficient, and leave no trace…”

Pick by Ido Abulafia


“A solution for making shots a better experience for children…”




“MyRadar Pro a fast, easy-to-use, weather application that displays animated weather radar around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what weather is coming your way. Our High Definition radar data is processed from raw NOAA weather radar data from the National Weather Service using our custom-designed, proprietary systems and software, offering the clearest, sharpest, most accurate and most up-to-date reflection of precipitation available… easily accessible at the tap of a finger on your mobile device…”

Filterloop Pro


“Filterloop Pro is a premium all-inclusive photo editor that you will fall in love with! In the latest version of the app we’ve expanded the adjustment kit, added loads of new free and paid effects and filters (now available through Filterloop Store), and updated the interface…”


Copper Bike Rack


“My Linus bike fits nicely in the rack and I really love how minimal this piece is…”

Casting with Soft Mold Constructed from Sheet Materials


“This project started with an interest in exploring unconventional casting techniques, especially in applications where the repeatability of the shape is not the primary focus. In traditional casting, you make a big block mold from your original, and then use this mold to produce multiples of the same form. In this process you’ll normally use a lot of materials to construct the mold, and you’ll try to make it perfect so that it lasts longer…”


3/4 oz : Trois quarts d’once

“In a plastic world, a man wants to fix his belly, but maybe the problem is elsewhere…”

Most Epic Vehicle Jump Ever

YouTube video

“A truly epic jump out of a flaming vehicle…”

And there you have it!

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