When it comes to stages of the design process, few routines are as satisfying as laying out a handful of markers to begin the process of shading in a perfectly composed sketch. For those who have had to move this experience to digital devices for the sake of time and convenience, well – that’s just a dirty shame.

For those still carrying around their markers and sketchbooks, there’s a new kid in town that wants to join your steady arsenal of Copics and Prismacolors.

Known primarily for providing traditional artists with art materials since 1832, Winsor & Newton have announced that they’re launching a line of markers aimed at professional designers called Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers.


Similar to markers from Copic and Prismacolor, all of the new Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers will come with dual tips (fine point and flexible brush nib) for for shading or detailing with multiple line thicknesses. Additionally, the pigments will also be lightfast – meaning that the inks won’t fade or change color for up to 100 years in normal gallery conditions – you know, for when that sketch of yours gets added to the permanent collection at MoMA.

In total, the markers will come in an impressive 107 colors to start including an extensive grey scale collection of 24 shades and 4 different tonal grey scales. Additionally, the company will be introducing an “industry-changing” white blender marker for users to blend and create entirely new colors, soften shades and tones, add highlights and draw on black, colored or other dark toned paper.


The company has been doing extensive user testing over the past year and will finally be releasing the markers to the public later this month.

Find out more over at Winsor & Newton.


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