There’s just something that’s really awesome about drawing on paper… erasing it, wading it up. Even with all the tablet and pen options available, it’s something that just can’t be matched. But maybe I’m just partial to not staring onto a screen more than I already do.

That’s where the this Digital/Ink Smartpen caught my eye. It captures all your sketches into editable digital copies and does so with real ink and any type of paper. It comes with the pen, charging cradle and receiver, comes with an iPad clip and can be used with Mac, Windows, iOS or Android. Once your nasty scribbles and drawings are digitized, it lets you change line colors, fonts, edit text, and save, organize, title and tag your work. Once again, something I could have used YEARS AGO. Thank you, the future, for getting here way too late, but also just in time.

You can get the Equil Smartpen 2 on sale for $129.95, which is a big, fat 31% off the regular way-too-high price.

Gettin’ it? Usin’ it? What are the best options out there?


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