Time for another round of apps that cover the spectrum of your beloved mobile device, be it iPhone, Android or Windows!

The Weekly App Smack is the best of new or updated design and productivity apps (and maybe a couple of fun ones, too) for the busy design or engineering professional and this week we have a list sure to make you more efficient.

Do you have an app suggestion that has made your life easier or changed up your workflow? Let us know in the comments below or send it into tips@www.solidsmack.com.

Hit it!

Motion Stills

“Photos are an extension of our memories, and our memories are never still. Motion Stills is a pilot from Google that brings your Live Photos back to life with advanced stabilization and rendering. Turn your photos into GIFs that loop forever, or edit them together into epic movies.”



“Cleanz is the simplest and beautiful way to clean up your photo library.”



“For the first time in art’s history, we make art accessible to everyone. Simply taking a photo of an artwork reveals all the details about the work and the artist. The app tells you the name of the artist, title, dimensions, year and – above all – the price. Nor does it stop here. We created the map to keep you informed on what’s currently showing or to help you discover new art spots around you. Our map helps you to navigate through the art jungle.”



“Vivv is your tool to create amazing, artistic and fun videos and pics for free. Make your videos and images come alive by selecting one or multiple colors to isolate, while having black and white backgrounds. Vivv is the only camera and video application that lets you highlight colors or add filters while you are filming or snapping pictures.”


Sleep as Android

“A smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking that wakes you gently at the optimal moment for pleasant mornings.”


Bundle News

“Bundle is your personal news app gathering thousands of sources from the globe. You can easily find news out about technology, business, magazines, sports or breaking news around the World or on your country by using Bundle’s neat, grid based, typographic interface and have an exceptional experience in every moment.”