Well, ladies and gents, winter isn’t quite over. And for many of us, this may mean applying another fresh layer of waterproof fabric wax to all of our canvas shoes, hats, jackets, rucksacks to prepare for the final wet and cold months ahead.

But when it comes to fabric waxes, not all are equal. Our choice? Portland, Oregon’s own Otter Wax brand.

Otter Wax offers long-lasting protection from the elements and contains only all-natural ingredients from renewable resources. It is also the first and only water repellent wax that doesn’t utilize paraffin, silicone, or other synthetic ingredients.

So whether you need to apply touch-ups to your existing gear, or want to give your new gear a solid base layer, you can’t go wrong with Otter Wax.

Otter Wax Heat-Activated Fabric Dressing — $20.95


  • Heat-Activated Fabric Dressing: 100% Natural Waterproofing Fabric Wax
  • Reproofs Oiled Cotton Jackets for a Factory-Waxed Look
  • Environmentally Friendly & Safe Ingredients -Handmade in Portland, Oregon, USA
  • 100% Natural Ingredients: Non-Toxic, No Silicone, No Petroleum
  • Large 1/2 Pint Can: Great for use on Oiled Coats, Canvas Shoes, Hats, Fabric Jackets, Rucksacks, Backpacks, & More!


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