With so many cool things coming out each week, it can be hard to wade through all the rock-awesomeness. With ‘Cool Tools’, we’ve done the hard work for you.

This week we saw the latest classic-inspired digital camera design from Olympus, a new way of thinking about bonsai, how to create a quick and simple pour over coffee system (for the shop), the latest from The Chemical Brothers and more…

Ready? Let’s go!

This week we look at:


Olympus PEN-F


“Rangefinder style cameras were all the rage in 1963. Now they’re back. The beautifully-crafted PEN-F is ideal for street shooters, as a second camera for studio pros, and for anyone who loves vintage design and photography…”

Air Bonsai


“Air Bonsai is a floating star. How would you like to plant your country’s very own bonsai and make a wish on that “little star”?”




“Turn any image into a Live Photo with the brand new LivePapers. Finally you can take advantage of the new features available with iOS9 to customize your iPhone 6s and 6s Plus…”

A Color Story


“A Color Story focuses on fresh photos, bright whites, and colors that pop…”


Balancing Pour Over Coffee System


“I have always loved the look and physics of the balancing (or floating) wine bottle holder and want to adapt the same idea to a coffee maker. This Instructables will show you how to make a floating pour over coffee maker out of a 3ft section of wood 2×4 with a dovetail joint for easy disassembly. Lets begin!”

“Sustainable” Safari Trophies


“Flowalistik, a young Argentinian designer well known for his low poly 3D printable designs, was part of le FabShop’s Artist in residence program from October 2015 to January 2016. During his three months at our FabClub in Paris, he learned a new tool: the laser cutter!”


The Chickening (2016)

“The Chickening is the first of its kind in remixed, augmented cinema. It is a theatrical trailer for a fictional film in which Stanley Kubrick’s classic film T he Shining has been artfully transformed into a new, poultry­infused comedy adventure by digitally altering the film to create a new narrative. This new style of filmmaking is a hilarious collision of classic films with modern day visual effects; “Cinegraffiti” — the ultimate neo­nostalgic visual feast for this digital age…”

The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open (Feat. Beck)

“Taken from the new album ‘Born In The Echoes’.”

And there you have it!

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