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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This short video features some of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web this week.

This week we look at:


Electric Objects – If finding the right picture to put on your wall proves to be a daily hassle, consider the Electric Objects project currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Featuring a framed high-definition screen, Electric Objects is a smart frame with an integrated computer that brings images from the internet back to your wall via a smartphone app. Starting at $299, it’s quite a bit cheaper than a Pollock original. Check it out over on Kickstarter.

Coolest Cooler – The COOLEST Cooler is… well, quite possibly the most ultimate picnic tool ever conceived by man. Prepare yourself. With a dual ice-cooler, Bluetooth speaker, integrated phone charger, blender, tie downs, and wide off-road wheels, this $185 cooler packs it all in the most mobile of mid-summer must-haves. COOLEST! Available on Kickstarter… SPF 120 sunscreen not included.


Netflix Enhancer – If you’ve ever been surfing what to watch on Netflix and find yourself frustrated by the lack of previews and detailed user reviews, well…welcome to the club. Netflix Enhancer is the Chrome extension that aims to fix this by integrating links to movie trailers and IMDB to prevent you from wasting hours of your life on that one unknown movie that looked ‘okay’ from the cover. Get it for free over at the Chrome Web Store.

Moment – These days it can be difficult to separate yourself from all those apps, texts, phone calls, and emails on your smart phone…especially when studies are increasingly telling us to get off of our smart phones. Moment is the new app that seeks to help users monitor their time on their smartphone by operating in the background while keeping track of phone usage as well as setting daily time limits. Get it for $2.99 over on iTunes!


Pet Bowl Stand – Pets. We love ‘em but sometimes they just get so dang messy. We’re looking at YOU, Smoth. HEYY!! Fortunately, this modern pet bowl stand project over at Almost Makes Perfect aims to solve the problem of spilled bowls and organization with a modern and cheap wood bowl stand design. The stand can be made with just a few pieces of wood and a couple of common tools…so go check it out over at

Raspberry Pi B+ – Great news for all you Raspberry Pi fans out there—or people who have always wanted to start building projects with a Pi—the Raspberry Pi B+ was recently released and promises to be an even better Raspberry platform with extended power for more capabilities, increased connectivity options and better power management. The best news? It’s still the same price as the original Raspberry PI. Get it for $35 over at RaspberryPi.Org.


Bear Cam – Unless you live in Alaska, watching bears in the wild pretty much never happens. Fortunately for us, has supplied us with a 24 hour livestream of bears hanging out at an undisclosed location in Alaska with THEIR BEAR CAM. There is also an underwater Salmon Cam so you can see what exactly the Bears are after at the falls. If you’ve been feeling stuck at the office all day, put this up on your second monitor for a small dose of nature over at

South Park on Hulu – And finally, big news for South Park fans. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have just announced that every episode of South Park will be available to stream for free on Hulu for the next three years… including every upcoming episode. If you’ve ever wanted more Cartman than you could handle, check it out for free over at

And there you have it!

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