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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This short video features some of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web this week.

This week we look at:

PonoMusic Player – The PONO has just set a new Kickstarter record after raising nearly $1.5 million within it’s first 24 hours of launch….instantly surpassing their 34 day, $800,000 goal. Yes this triangular device is the first from PonoMusic which was founded my musiciain Neil Young in an effort to deliver higher quality to the portable audio experience. You can get one for $300 as part of the Kickstarter campaign before they hike up to $399 over at

Dyson Fans – Dyson’s Bladeless Fans have and always will be one of earth’s natural wonders but today they are even more impressive with an updated design that is 75% quieter. Yes, with over five years in development the new Bladeless Fans are the best ones yet…you know, if you’re a Fan Aficianado. Check them out at

UP Coffee – If you’re like any other human with a steady pulse, you probably rely on a few gallons of coffee each day to keep those heavy eyelids open. Up Coffee is part of the latest app update from Jawbone that lets you track how much caffeine you’re consuming each day all in one fancy and nice UI package. Yes this sleek interface informs you just how much that triple-shot grande caramal machiato is affecting your sleep on par with other fitness tracking apps. Check it out for free on iTunes.

Outread – Outread is the new speed reading app that moves you through websites, documents, and emails on your iOS device with a regularly moving highlighter. An innovative take on teaching the skill of speed-reading, the app allows you to learn in real time while enjoying your existing content. Check it out for $4.99 on iTunes.

Cookie Shots – While you’re giving your eyes a rest after reading the Hobbit in 20 minutes you’ll probably want to have some milk and cookies. Move things up a notch with this ingenious concept from the madman behind the popular ‘Cronut’ that uses Cookies as Milk Shot Glasses. Within days, the cookie shot glasses have already become a social media sensation after premiering at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, TX. No word yet on how they were made but we can confirm that it involves cookie dough and an oven.

Pipe and Wood Slat Bed – And when the cookie coma starts to set in you’ll probably need a comfortable place to lie down. Consider this Pipe and Wood Slats Bed from DIY guru Ana White. Yes this simple project that uses iron pipes and and wood slats to create a full bed frame includes the plans and material list for everything you need to add a cool industrial feel to any room. Check it out at

Getty Images – We didn’t see this one coming. Getty Images—the popular high-quality stock photography site– has announced that they will be making the majority of their expansive photo library free to use for online use…so long as you allow Getty to add a footer containing a link back to the licensing page. Check out more at

P3 Lunchables – And finally, big announcement folks: There is now a Lunchables for Adults! Whaaaaat? Yes the P3 Packs from Oscar Meyer aim to replace protein powders, bars, and the like with nuts, meats, and cheeses all in the convenience of a Lunchables-like packaging. Meeeeeat! Meeeeaaat! Proteeeiiin!

And there you have it! Send your cool tool finds to [email protected], sign up for our newsletter there in the sidebar or ask us a question in the comments or via email about diy, design, tech or anything else. Smoth would love to help.


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