If you’re looking to breathe new life into that old FDM 3D printer you bought back in 2012, experimenting with new materials is a surefire way to reinvigorate that desktop 3D printing passion. And we’re not talking about pointless paperweights, either.

When it comes to exploring the possibilities of new materials, Colorfabb makes some of the best filament on earth. And if you’re a fan of the smell of fresh cut lumber, and want to see how your crazy wavy gravy generative designs can handle the old pulpy stuff, the company’s Woodfill filament is a must.

Manufactured with 70% PLA and 30% recycled wood fibers, Woodfill prints end up with a finish similar to finely carved and sanded natural wood pieces. Seriously—this stuff is legit!

ColorFabb Woodfill 3D Printing Filament — $49.99


  • Made with 70% PLA and 30% recycled wood fibers
  • Works with muliple 3D printers and extruders
  • Finished objects can be sanded and treated like traditional wood objects


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