It comes down to this. A typically Tuesday morning with nothing but the smell of hard work in the air, lukewarm coffee and multiple ways to make 3D happen. We had just over 50 entires in the Rock Your Desktop contest, which correlates to just over 50 GrabCAD portfolio submissions you should check out via the comments of that last link. One is the winner of a 3DConnexion SpacePilot PRO.

The winner is…

Danny Tas!

Congrats Danny! Turns out Danny is a ‘Top Uploader’ on GrabCAD and uses a variety of 3D modelers. The model he linked up was a fine example of Futurama‘s Bender (Download it!), made completely in MoI. A great example of MoI’s capabilities Danny.

Details, Details, Details
How was the winner chosen? All of the names of the entrants were compiled into one list. That list of names was then entered into the list randomizer. The Randomize button was pushed and Danny came out on top!

Disclosure: 3DConnexion, in no way, endorses hitting women with one of their products, especially a SpacePilot PRO. Also, 3DConnexion provided the SpacePilot PRO (without their knowing about it initially.) Thanks Mark!


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