There is but one word to describe the EvD Makerbot Absurd iPhone accessory design challenge. FREAKIN’ AWESOME. Not only were there over 180 entries, but over 180 entries that served up an iPhone biting eye-feast of unmatched proportion. There were so, SO many excellent entries, but we’ve narrowed it down and the winner is…

The iFlail

The iFlail, by aubenc: If you are a Master/Mistress of… Middleages wars you will most probably have no pockets in your armor. No problem! Now you can use this accessory to keep your iPhone handy in the battle field.

Of course the image likely gave it away. Head over to Engineer vs Designer to hear us talk with Al Dean about the submissions (and hear the reaction of aubenc when we tell him he won! You’ll see a lot of the other entries as well and can always view the entire assortment of absurdity on Thingiverse!


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