Cadjunkie has something cool cooking up that will help you learn SolidWorks better, faster and more funner-er. We’re releasing a full SolidWorks beginners course that will take you from newbie to ninja faster than you ever thought possible. It’s called SolidWorks 101 and in anticipation of the official launch next Wednesday, July 24th, we’re giving away THREE cadjunkie Pro memberships with access to every SolidWorks, Rhino, and modo video we’ve ever made. After that, we’ll be offering 50% off the course for the rest of the week. What do you need to do?

cadjunkie 'Scissor Thingy' demo, SolidWorks 101

SolidWorks 101

Your quest for SolidWorks nirvana begins here:

  • 3+ hours of action
  • fun, project-based learning
  • no-nonsense delivery
  • parts, assemblies, and drawings
  • good real-world technique
  • includes access to our entire library

How to win

It couldn’t be more simple. One tweet could have you learning more about SolidWorks faster than you can shoot a glue stick out your nose. To be entered for free access to the SolidWorks 101 course–as well as everything else cadjunkie has to offer all you need to do is…

Follow @theCadjunkie and tweet:

#SolidWorks 101 from @theCadjunkie is [insert superlative of choice]

The three most creative superlatives (i.e. the three that make us laugh the hardest) win a free one-year membership with full-access to every video tutorial on cadjunkie, cadjunkie Professional. All others will receive a coupon code for 50% off access between the now and midnight on Friday, 19 July.

’nuff said? Now ROCK THEM TWITTERZ.


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