What do you do with all those 3D models you’re hoarding away for emergencies? You could print them and glue them to your jacket or you could sell them and make some cold hard cash. On top of that, you could save you a few trips down to the blood bank and win $500 just for selling those amazing 3D models.

3D Stock Challenge

CG Trader is holding a 3D Stock Challenge where you could win a cash prize, store credits or both. CG Trader is a “marketplace for 3D Artists and Engineers” with the majority of the models being 3ds Max or Obj formats. They also have a lot of 3ds, fbx, Cinema 4d and Maya files.

Publish your 3D models for sale on CGTrader website and automatically participate in 3D stock competition. All models uploaded from 26 March 2012 until 30 April 2012 will be eligible to win up to $500 in cash and $1000 worth of credits on our marketplace.

The Smack

Besides being able to get a model in a specific format, I just don’t see how anyone is making much money through 3D model marketplace sites, especially with all the ways out there to get free 3D models. I love the idea of people being able to make money from the 3D models they create, but the quality is going to need to be really high for the marketplace scenario to work. Sites dedicated to specific models types like Cadhuman or Zygote are a better business model from a 3D model creator perspective, using marketplaces and free 3D model sharing sites like GrabCAD as a place to market your business.


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