How would you like to stand dangerously close to the most light-weight superbike in the world as it flew by you? Yes? Well then, how would you like to be part of the team that design a wee, light-weight bit of it? HECK YEAH! If you’re game, then you’ll want to jump on the challenge from GrabCAD and electric motorcycle racing Amarok. The challenge is to “re-design the triple clamp for the Amarok P1 zero emission race bike that is competing to win the International Formula 75 TTXGP Championship.” The winner receives an iPad 2. But hurry, the contest ends June 1st!

The existing Amarok Triple Clamp
The existing Amarok Triple Clamp

You can get the full details at GrabCAD, but here’s a brief overview of the contest:

The requirements for the triple clamp?

  • Rigidity and low weight are of paramount concern. This is a racing bike!
  • Design must incorporate Amarok Paw brand symbol in raised or relief somewhere on the top surface.
  • Must be manufacturable by CNC in 6061 aluminium billet.
  • M6 pinch bolts are used (and required) to clamp the tubes.
  • Must be one part.
  • May be Annodized.

To date, they’ve received over 50 different designs submitted by the GrabCAD community. Join in, be a part of racing history and get your self an iPad 2!

Photo: Arash Moallemi


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