Look at all these drawing updates! …well, five updates at least. Which is A LOT if you’re using another 3D CAD software that didn’t have ANY drawing updates this week *ahem* These updates take a knife to the neck of complexity. “You are morbid.” No, no complexity is morbid and has no place in the workplace. “Still morbid” Ok, you win. These updates stick a finger up the nose of complexity. “Yeah, better.” THANK YOU.

So, five drawing updates and a lil’ flip, flip for your sketch text. Why? Because flipin’ stuff is flippin’ awesome.

You can see the past update history and catch the latest on the Onshape What’s New page.

Here, we pick our ‘Top 3 Onshape Updates’ and provide a quick overview of each. To see our previous picks, visit our New Onshape Features page. Tell us which one you like the best, which need work, or if we picked the completely wrong features!

The Stats:
Total Updates: 6
Total Updates YTD: 85

Top 3 Onshape Updates (07.25.17)

Dimension Improvements – The Dimension command in Onshape Drawings can now be used to create nearly any dimension – You no longer have to pre-select the correct dimension command from the toolbar.

Partial Section Views – You can now create Partial Section Views in Onshape Drawings.

Export Drawing Download Option – You can now export a drawing or sketch and store it as a tab in an Onshape Document. This is especially important for creating Drawing Templates.

Other updates

Weld Symbol Improvements – We’ve added new support for Spot and Seam welds as well as a Drawings Properties option that allows you to specify which standard you want to use for your weld symbols.

Drawing View Names – You can now give a drawing view a name. In the View properties, you will see a new option for adding a name.

Flip Sketch Text – There are new options in the Sketch Text command to “Flip vertical” and “Flip Horizontal.” These will allow you to flip the text you are creating.


You can see videos that breakdown each new features here. We’ll be keeping a closer eye on what Onshape is releasing with each update, so let us know what features you’re watching for or want to see the most!

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