Earlier this January, we covered a London-based startup project called Gravity Sketch. Using VR controls, the application seeks to make 3D CAD modelling more accessible to a wider audience.

Considering the software was in a closed beta and required a minimum contribution for designers to try it out, it was a bit of a bummer. But that time is over, and the vision of accessible 3D modelling is nigh with Gravity Sketch VR’s Early Access release for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift!


Unlike traditional software programs which require a step-by-step process on a computer, working with 3D models in VR feels much more like playing with a 3D paintbrush than doing actual work. No longer do you need to select a plane or shape with a mouse. By manipulating the accompanying controllers, users can adjust their design in various ways.

Need to duplicate an item and move it elsewhere? Just copy and move it to the desired location. How about zooming in to adjust some finer details? Simply increase the size of your design (you can always return it to its original size later).

But if you’re more of a classic kind of designer, Gravity Sketch VR also allows you to both import and export your designs to other popular CAD software. You can start an early draft on Gravity Sketch VR and fine tune it later on a computer, or you can enlarge your previous projects and manipulate them in the VR world.

The beauty of Gravity Sketch VR is how it lowers the barrier to entry for creating these designs. Whether you’re a veteran designer or a child who accidentally found his dad’s most expensive toy, understanding the logic behind the software is as easy as making a LEGO brick house.

Though other VR modelling programs like Google’s Tilt Brush provide a more expansive tool set, Gravity Sketch VR is available on more platforms (Tilt Brush only has a HTC Vive version) and allows for connectivity with other 3D modelling software.

Gravity Sketch VR is currently available for download in a variety of flavors:

The Basic version will run you $24.99 and has all the geometry creation tools, the ability to import and export .obj files, cloud access, 4 layers to work with, snapping, and 4 preset environments.

Gravity Sketch VR Pro is worth $29.99 a month and has all the features of Basic plus the ability to export .fbx .iges files. It even adds an extra 8 layers to work with on top of the initial 4, bringing the total number of layers to 12.

Lastly, Gravity Sketch VR Studio costs $99.99 a month, has all the features of Gravity Sketch VR Pro, and gives you the ability to import your own environments and .GRS files from Rhino. Depending on what you’ll use it for, certain versions cater to specific company sizes.

Gravity Sketch VR can be downloaded here or on Steam.


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