Chitty, chitty, chat. Chitty chitty chat chat. You want to get chatty in Onshape? Well, the update they rolled out this week makes 92.8% of 3D CAD software chat dreams come true. Maybe you’re are not so chatty, but I guarantee you’ll want to use that chat to tell your co-workers about the new sheet metal angle flange reference. Yeah, that’s right – quick ref pick for flange angles. What else is in store? Have a look.

You can see the past update history and catch the latest on the Onshape What’s New page.

Here, we pick our ‘Top 3 Onshape Updates’ and provide a quick overview of each. To see our previous picks, visit our New Onshape Features page. Tell us which one you like the best, which need work, or if we picked the completely wrong features!

The Stats:
Total Updates: 10
Total Updates YTD: 95

Top 3 Onshape Updates (08.16.17)

Real-time Comment Chat – Chat-tacular! The Comments system now supports real-time text chat between multiple users working in the same Onshape Document.

Angle Flange by Reference – Flange-icular! You can now specify an angle reference when creating a sheet metal flange.

Merge Scope for Surfaces – Merge-apulous! When creating surfaces using Onshape’s advanced modeling tools, you can now specify a merge scope and choose which surfaces to merge them with.

Other updates

Datum Extension Line – A datum symbol can now be dragged off a face and an extension line is automatically created.

Grip Edit Radial and Diameter Dimensions – You can now edit the target geometry for radial and diameter dimensions using the grip point at the tip of the arrowhead.

Copy Annotation Between Drawings – In addition to being able to copy annotations such as Notes, Surface Finish symbols, Weld symbols, Geometric Tolerances and Tables between sheets of the same drawing, you can now also copy and paste them into different drawings in the same Onshape Document (and into drawings in other Documents, too).

Versioned Drawing Metadata Update – This latest update contains a significant architectural change designed to improve your ability to implement a release management workflow using Onshape.

Version Drawing Thumbnails – Now when a version of an Onshape Document is created, a thumbnail is generated for each part, assembly and drawing so you can see at a glance how that drawing looked in that version when using the Tab Manager or other tools that display thumbnails.

Image File Quick Link – You can now quickly find the source file of an image added to a drawing by right-clicking the image and selecting one of two available options.

Open View Properties – When you double click a view label or a scale label, the View Properties dialog will now appear.

You can see videos and screenshots that breakdown each new features here. We’ll be keeping a closer eye on what Onshape is releasing with each update, so let us know what features you’re watching for or want to see the most!

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