I could have done a post on creating the cube matrix you see above, but what fun is that when we have an actual 3D (not really 3D) matrix that encapsulates the power and expanse of the 3D Scan-to-Print industry. Tuan Tranpham, the Community Managaer for Objet (soon to merge with Stratasys), in a perfect example to all the “marketing experts” that prefer to push out press releases, created this Matrix of companies, websites and services that make up the engineering and design industries. Anything missing?

Scan-to-Print Industry

You know, everything can be categorized. Even you. Most of the readers here probably fall within the ‘Professional CAD user’ segment with the occasional person who is looking for Zombie related design articles–A category doesn’t exist for them yet. For everything and everyone else, there’s a nice industry segment they fit into. Have a look, click to enlarge.

Once your eyes adjust to the frenzy of dashed lines, you can see, he’s covered just about everything. He also passed along this chart of 3D printers, categorized from ‘Personal’ to ‘Production’, outside the hobby, open-source, diy market, but a nice capture of what’s available (and what redundancy Stratasys and Objet may be dealing with and what gaps they will be filling once they join together.)


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