waugh-bicycle-tnThis bicycle concept has been on the web… A LOT. You may have seen it, but you may not know that it was designed using 3D. Yes, I know, it’s almost obvious. The design is also being refined in SolidWorks and that’s where you come in.

Brad Waugh has a cool idea. A hubless bike. It challenges the ideas of motion and all that nonsense of how things should actually rotate. The form is excellent, but how can he make it functional? Maybe more pratical?

Here’s the concept rendering and a bit more from Brad.

I used Rhino to build and Flamingo to render on the original. The new version is being modeled in Solidworks and will be rendered in Vray. -Brad Waugh

The form is great, in my opinion. So what does Brad need to consider as he approaches the redesign in SolidWorks?


Brad on Behance


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